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My name is Sue Dent and I joined Avon 6 years ago. I have gone on to build a large award winning team as part of the UK's number 1 Avon team. I have won incentives, trips abroad, cash prizes and lots of recognition as have the rest of my team.

We really are an Avon family. We look after, help and support each other not just in Avon but in life. I love Avon with a passion for what it's given me and my family.

Avon has changed my life, it can change yours too!

You can become an Avon Entrepreneur.

Enjoy amazing lifestyle choices as you join with us and progress the levels of Avon's Multi Level Marketing business plan. You can build a residual income in partnership with the power of the Avon brand and get started today with no up-front costs. You can make extra cash straight away. Talk to us today about our generous Pay Plan and commission structure.

Network marketing will give you the ultimate work from home opportunity. You can work entirely online from home or take your office with you wherever you go and be fully supported every step of the way.

We believe everyone should have the freedom that being an Avon Entrepreneur can give. It's the chance to live the life of your dreams, to own your time and build the income of your choice. We know money is important but freedom is priceless!

Let's talk about what Avon could give you. 

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